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Subject cui: C1367721|1950 Name: EGF|EGF gene Sem. type: gngm|gngm Novel: true


Object cui: 4233|8731|79811 Name: MET|RNMT|SLTM Sem. type: gngm|gngm|gngm Novel: true

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Since HGF and EGF can activate STAT3 via gp130-independent MET and EGFR, respectively, we assumed that these factors account for STAT3-dependent liver regeneration. (PMID: 18068850) 0/0
Interestingly, stimulation of the Met receptor by either GPCR agonists, EGF or its cognate ligand HGF, resulted in release of Met-associated beta-catenin and in its Met-dependent translocation into the nucleus, as analyzed by small interfering RNA-mediated knockdown of the Met receptor. (PMID: 15123705) 0/0
Analysis by real-time PCR and western blot showed that after an EGF but not HGF or insulin-like growth factor-I treatment, HC11 mammary cells exhibited an increase in MET expression at both the mRNA and protein levels, which was dependent on the AKT pathway. (PMID: 19850646) 0/0