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Subject cui: C1333338|2043 Name: EPHA4|EPHA4 gene Sem. type: gngm|gngm Novel: true


Object cui: C0872265|5601 Name: MAPK9|SAPK Sem. type: gngm|aapp Novel: true

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In contrast SEK can activate SAPK when present in substoichiometric amounts, but this activation is slow, consistent with the rate-limiting step in activation being the dissociation of an inactive SEK:SAPK complex. (PMID: 10597270) 0/0
The N-terminal unique region of SEK is both necessary and partially sufficient for inhibition of SAPK, and is also necessary for activation of SAPK by SEK in vitro. (PMID: 10597270) 0/0
We now report that gene transfer of SEK-1 (KR) to the adult rat heart blocks SAPK activation by pressure overload, demonstrating that the activity of cytosolic signaling pathways can be inhibited by gene transfer of loss-of-function mutants in vivo. (PMID: 10449431) 0/0