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Subject cui: C0871636 Name: Dopamine Metabolites Sem. type: bacs Novel: true


Object cui: C0014295|4233|8731|79811 Name: MET|RNMT|SLTM|Enkephalin, Methionine Sem. type: gngm|gngm|gngm|aapp Novel: true

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Dopamine Metabolites STIMULATES MET|RNMT|SLTM|Enkephalin, Methionine Correct? #Y/N
In stimulated patients, a decrease in dopamine metabolite levels associated with a relative increase in met-enkephalin -like immunoreactivity were observed in the CSF sample taken after the 30-minute stimulation as compared to the sample taken immediately before the stimulation. (PMID: 10442254) 0/0