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Subject cui: C0003241 Name: Antibodies Sem. type: aapp Novel: true

Predicate: INHIBITS

Object cui: C1332712|960 Name: CD44|CD44 gene Sem. type: gngm|gngm Novel: true

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Antibodies INHIBITS CD44|CD44 gene Correct? #Y/N
More recently it has become apparent that CD44 antibodies cannot only inhibit CD44 mediated adhesion to hyaluronic acid and cellular ligands but can stimulate adhesion to these ligands. (PMID: 10048415) 0/0
This finding implies that the antibody blocks CD44 function rather than modulating CD44 cell surface expression or mediating Fc-dependent activities. (PMID: 10441166) 0/0
Antibody blocking of CD44 and alpha4 integrin on the apoptotic leukocyte inhibited this endothelial cell phagocytosis, suggesting a novel function for these adhesion molecules in the removal of apoptotic targets. (PMID: 12960273) 0/0
Enzymatic removal of the HA coat and antibody blocking of CD44 (a transmembrane protein that binds to HA) eliminated the fluid-flow-induced increase in collagen production but had no effect on the translocation of p65. (PMID: 21287834) 0/0
Furthermore, exposure to this antibody reduced CD44 (Hi)/CD24(Low) subpopulation in MDA-MB-231 cells, suggesting a decrease in the cancer stem-like cell subpopulation. (PMID: 22075160) 0/0
CONCLUSION: Mobilization of pluripotent progenitor cells via antibody blockade of CD44 or CD49d or via G-CSF relies on distinct mechanisms. (PMID: 11274767) 0/0
Removal of HA (but not HS) inhibited neutrophil recruitment, as did antibody blockade of CD44 , a counter-receptor for HA on neutrophils. (PMID: 19716819) 0/0