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Subject cui: C0028128 Name: Nitric Oxide Sem. type: bacs Novel: true


Object cui: 10989 Name: IMMT Sem. type: gngm Novel: true

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Nitric Oxide STIMULATES IMMT Correct? #Y/N
In Escherichia coli, the prototype flavohaemoglobin (Hmp) is clearly involved in responses to nitric oxide (NO) and nitrosative stress: (i) the structural gene hmp is upregulated by NO and nitrosating agents; (PMID: 10844666) 0/0
Here we show that expression of hmp is greatly enhanced by NO but not by other haem ligands (azide, cyanide and carbon monoxide). (PMID: 17611046) 0/0
Aerobically, NO gas induced hmp , the sigmaB general stress regulon, and, to a lesser extent, the Fur and PerR regulons. (PMID: 15231799) 0/0
The regulatory mechanisms involved in hmp induction by NO and the superoxide-generating agent, methyl viologen (paraquat; PQ), are complex, but progressively being resolved. (PMID: 17024490) 0/0