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Subject cui: C0017986 Name: Glycyrrhetinic Acid Sem. type: orch Novel: true

Predicate: INHIBITS

Object cui: 9469 Name: CHST3 Sem. type: gngm Novel: true

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Glycyrrhetinic Acid INHIBITS CHST3 Correct? #Y/N
18beta-Glycyrrhetinic acid (Ia) potently inhibited 11beta-HSD activity of hepatic (IC50 (concentration giving 50% inhibition of cortisone production) = 0.09 microM) and renal (IC50 = 0.36 microM) homogenate. (PMID: 12841942) 0/0
Because it can enhance the corticosterone negative feedback signal, 11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 (11beta-HSD1) bioactivity in these brain regions and anterior pituitary was measured in vitro, and ACTH and corticosterone stress responses were measured after intracerebroventricular glycyrrhetinic acid , an 11beta-HSD inhibitor . (PMID: 10929094) 0/0
Conversion of cortisone to cortisol was linear for up to 3 h and was completely inhibited by glycyrrhetinic acid , a specific 11beta-HSD inhibitor . (PMID: 9542972) 0/0
The data generated significantly extends our knowledge on structure-activity relationship of GA derivatives as 11beta-HSD inhibitors . (PMID: 21236343) 0/0