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Subject cui: C0037663 Name: Somatotropin Sem. type: aapp Novel: true

Predicate: INHIBITS

Object cui: C0909868|26206|26871 Name: SPAG8|RNU1-1|11-beta-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase Type 1 Sem. type: gngm|gngm|aapp Novel: true

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Somatotropin INHIBITS SPAG8|RNU1-1|11-beta-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase Type 1 Correct? #Y/N
These clinical data suggest that GH (and/or IGF-I) inhibits 11beta-HSD1 (i.e. E to F conversion) (parallel in vitro studies suggest that IGF-I and not GH inhibits 11beta-HSD1). (PMID: 11786677) 0/0
Furthermore, daily s.c injections of GH to castrated male hypothyroid rats for 7 days reduced hepatic 11beta-HSD1 activity rather than inducing it, the same response seen in hypothyroid female rats. (PMID: 9217293) 0/0
Subcutaneous injection of GH once daily to male hypothyroid rats for 48 h inhibited hepatic 11beta-HSD1 activity. (PMID: 9217293) 0/0