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Subject cui: C0030493 Name: Paraquat Sem. type: hops Novel: true


Object cui: 10989 Name: IMMT Sem. type: gngm Novel: true

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Paraquat STIMULATES IMMT Correct? #Y/N
Prolonged incubation of a hmp-lacZ fusion strain with the redox cycling agent paraquat resulted in a 28-fold induction of hmp gene expression, nearly 3-fold higher than after short periods of exposure. (PMID: 9770277) 0/0
Prolonged incubation of a wild-type strain with paraquat increased intracellular Hmp to spectrally detectable levels. (PMID: 9770277) 0/0
Unlike what is found for other paraquat-inducible genes, high concentrations of paraquat (200 microM) were required to increase the level of hmp expression, and maximal induction was observed only after 20 min of exposure to paraquat. (PMID: 9150210) 0/0
Induction of hmp by paraquat was demonstrated in aerobically grown cultures during exponential growth and the stationary phase, thus revealing two Sox-independent regulatory mechanisms. (PMID: 9150210) 0/0
Induction of hmp by paraquat in the stationary phase was dependent on the global regulator of stationary-phase gene expression, RpoS (sigma S). (PMID: 9150210) 0/0
Finally, in contrast to previous reports, we show that in E. coli and Salmonella, hmp induction by both paraquat and sodium nitroprusside is further elevated in a fur mutant background, indicating that additional regulators are implicated in this control process. (PMID: 17024490) 0/0