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Subject cui: 2245 Name: FGD1 Sem. type: gngm Novel: true


Object cui: C1366537|998 Name: CDC42|CDC42 gene Sem. type: gngm|gngm Novel: true

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FGD1 STIMULATES CDC42|CDC42 gene Correct? #Y/N
FGD1 activates Cdc42 , whereas Vav activates Rho, Rac and Cdc42. (PMID: 8994827) 0/0
FGD1 activates Cdc42, whereas Vav activates Rho, Rac and Cdc42 . (PMID: 8994827) 0/0
Faciogenital dysplasia protein (FGD1 ) regulates export of cargo proteins from the golgi complex via Cdc42 activation . (PMID: 19261807) 0/0
These effects depend on FGD1 regulation of Cdc42 activation and its association with the Golgi membranes, and they may contribute to FGDY pathogenesis. (PMID: 19261807) 0/0
Here, we show that Fgd1 is required for invadopodia biogenesis and ECM degradation in an invasive cell model and functions by modulation of Cdc42 activation . (PMID: 19141649) 0/0