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Subject cui: C0106751 Name: BN 52021 Sem. type: orch Novel: true

Predicate: INHIBITS

Object cui: 9768 Name: KIAA0101 Sem. type: gngm Novel: true

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BN 52021 INHIBITS KIAA0101 Correct? #Y/N
Ro 19-3704 (10(-6) M) and BN 52021 (10(-5) M), two potent PAF antagonists , reduced antigen-induced contraction of the tracheal strips in the IgE model. (PMID: 2080755) 0/0
The ginkgolide B, BN 52021 , was selected as the PAF antagonist to be studied because of the large data base available on this compound. (PMID: 2048190) 0/0
The effects of BN 52021 are easily explained by PAF antagonist activity in ischemic and reperfusion-induced pulmonary dysfunction. (PMID: 2048190) 0/0
We have recently demonstrated that a naturally occurring ginkgolide (BN 52021 ), which is a PAF antagonist , was able to block norepinephrine-induced escape in perfused rabbit kidney. (PMID: 1819726) 0/0