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Subject cui: C1451772 Name: VAV1 protein, human Sem. type: aapp Novel: true


Object cui: C0872265|5601 Name: MAPK9|SAPK Sem. type: gngm|aapp Novel: true

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VAV1 protein, human STIMULATES MAPK9|SAPK Correct? #Y/N
On the other hand, we have observed that, whereas proto-Vav can slightly elevate JNK/SAPK activity, oncogenic Vav potently activates JNK/SAPK to an extent comparable to that elicited by two guanine-nucleotide exchange factors for Rho family members, Dbl and Ost. (PMID: 8760286) 0/0
We also show that point mutations in conserved residues within the cysteine rich and DH domains of Vav both prevent its ability to activate JNK/SAPK and render Vav oncogenically inactive. (PMID: 8760286) 0/0
In addition, we found that coexpression of the Rac-1 N17 dominant inhibitory mutant dramatically diminishes JNK/SAPK stimulation by Vav, as well as reduces the focus-forming ability of Vav in NIH3T3 murine fibroblasts. (PMID: 8760286) 0/0