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Subject cui: C0035608 Name: Rifampin Sem. type: antb Novel: true

Predicate: INHIBITS

Object cui: 6579 Name: SLCO1A2 Sem. type: gngm Novel: true

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Rifampin INHIBITS SLCO1A2 Correct? #Y/N
When rifampicin , a typical Oatp inhibitor , was coadministered with [(11)C]telmisartan in rats, hepatic uptake clearance of [(11)C]telmisartan was significantly decreased, whereas biliary efflux clearance was not changed. (PMID: 21812443) 0/0
Multiple clinical studies demonstrated that OATP inhibition by rifampin had a greater impact on atorvastatin systemic concentration than itraconazole - mediated CYP3A4 inhibition. (PMID: 24671957) 0/0
CONCLUSIONS: The results indicate that pitavastatin is a more sensitive and selective and thus preferred clinical OATP1B probe substrate than rosuvastatin, and that a single IV dose of rifampicin is a more selective OATP1B inhibitor than a PO dose. (PMID: 24617605) 0/0