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Subject cui: C1328819 Name: small molecule Sem. type: orch Novel: true

Predicate: INHIBITS

Object cui: C0909868|26206|26871 Name: SPAG8|RNU1-1|11-beta-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase Type 1 Sem. type: gngm|gngm|aapp Novel: true

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small molecule INHIBITS SPAG8|RNU1-1|11-beta-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase Type 1 Correct? #Y/N
The aim of this article is to review the medicinal chemistry literature around small molecule approaches to developing synthetic inhibitors of 11beta-HSD1 and to highlight key compounds that have resulted from the efforts of both industrial and academic groups. (PMID: 24294985) 0/0
Herein, we report two highly potent and selective small molecule inhibitors of human 11beta-HSD1 . (PMID: 18789704) 0/0
AMG 221 is a potent, small molecule inhibitor of 11beta-HSD1 . (PMID: 20663992) 0/0
To determine the optimal timing for administration of an 11beta-HSD1 inhibitor to obtain maximum efficacy, we used a DIO mouse model and a small molecule inhibitor of 11beta-HSD1 from our thiazolinone series. (PMID: 18479468) 0/0
As a result, a large number of chemical classes have been identified as potent and selective small molecule inhibitors for 11beta-HSD1 . (PMID: 21510838) 0/0
Here we review the recent progress in the discovery and development of small molecule inhibitors of 11beta-HSD1 by highlighting the medicinal chemistry, SAR, in vivo pharmacodynamic effects and efficacy of a few representative classes of inhibitors in models of diabetes. (PMID: 21510838) 0/0