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Subject cui: C0935916 Name: fulvestrant Sem. type: phsu Novel: true


Object cui: C1332394|638 Name: BIK|BCL2-Interacting Killer Sem. type: gngm|aapp Novel: true

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fulvestrant STIMULATES BIK|BCL2-Interacting Killer Correct? #Y/N
In MCF7 cells, pure antiestrogen fulvestrant also induces BIK mRNA and apoptosis. (PMID: 17047080) 0/0
Whereas gamma-irradiation induced both BIK and PUMA mRNA, only BIK mRNA was induced by fulvestrant. (PMID: 17047080) 0/0
Whereas both fulvestrant and doxorubicin induced BIK mRNA, only doxorubicin enhanced the DNA-binding activity of p53 and induced PUMA mRNA. (PMID: 17047080) 0/0
Small interfering RNA (siRNA) suppression of p53 expression as well as overexpression of dominant-negative p53 effectively inhibited the fulvestrant induction of BIK mRNA, protein, and apoptosis. (PMID: 17047080) 0/0