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Subject cui: C1336660|11073 Name: TOPBP1|TOPBP1 Gene Sem. type: gngm|gngm Novel: true


Object cui: C1332120|545 Name: ATR|ATR gene Sem. type: gngm|gngm Novel: true

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These results therefore indicate that NBS1 and TOPBP1 have the potential to activate ATR independently, although both are required for functional activation of ATR in vivo. (PMID: 23368512) 0/0
By performing a genetic analysis of human HeLa cells and chicken B lymphoma DT40 cells, we found that heat-induced Chk1 Ser345 phosphorylation by ATR was largely dependent on Rad9, Rad17, TopBP1 and Claspin. (PMID: 23383325) 0/0
We suggest that RHINO functions together with the 9-1-1 complex and TopBP1 to fully activate ATR . (PMID: 21659603) 0/0
However, the mechanism by which TopBP1 activates ATR is unknown. (PMID: 18519640) 0/0
TopBP1 activates ATR through ATRIP and a PIKK regulatory domain. (PMID: 18519640) 0/0
Thus, TopBP1 is critical for the ATM-dependent activation of ATR following production of DSBs in the genome. (PMID: 17446169) 0/0
Activation of ATR by TopBP1 is maximal at low substrate concentrations and declines exponentially as substrate concentration increases. (PMID: 18769153) 0/0
Thus, CtIP interacts with TopBP1 in a damage-stimulated, MRN-dependent manner during the activation of ATR in response to DSBs. (PMID: 21263215) 0/0
These studies establish that activation of ATR by TopBP1 is a crucial step in the initiation of ATR-dependent signaling processes. (PMID: 16530042) 0/0
These findings suggest that interaction of the 9-1-1 complex with the BRCT I-II region of TopBP1 is necessary for binding of ATR-ATRIP to the ATR-activating domain of TopBP1 and the ensuing activation of ATR . (PMID: 17636252) 0/0
In vertebrate cells, the TopBP1 protein (Cut5 in S. pombe and Dpb11 in S. cervisiae) that is also required for establishment of the replication fork, functions during replication fork dysfunction to activate ATR . (PMID: 17495536) 0/0
the expression of the N-terminal region of NBS1 fused to PCNA induces ATR activation in Rad17 knockout cells, and the expression of the ATR activation domain of TOPBP1 fused to PCNA induces ATR activation in Nbs1 knockout cells. (PMID: 23368512) 0/0
Here we show that during infection with wild-type adenovirus, ATR and its cofactors RPA32, ATRIP and TopBP1 accumulate at viral replication centres, but there is minimal ATR activation . (PMID: 19197236) 0/0
As TopBP1 contains a domain important for ATR activation , we examined whether it contributes to the G1 cell cycle checkpoint. (PMID: 20871591) 0/0
Here, we analyze the roles of the three components in ATR activation: DNA, base damage and TopBP1. (PMID: 19139065) 0/0
Here, we summarize recent advances in understanding the multiple roles played by TopBP1 in ATR activation at stalled replication forks. (PMID: 19652550) 0/0