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Subject cui: C0007090 Name: Carcinogens Sem. type: hops Novel: true


Object cui: C0022457|3845 Name: KRAS|K-ras Oncogene Sem. type: gngm|gngm Novel: true

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Carcinogens STIMULATES KRAS|K-ras Oncogene Correct? #Y/N
Aberrant activation of KRAS is a key factor in the development of many types of tumor, however, oncogenic mutations of KRAS are infrequent in gastric cancer. (PMID: 19545448) 0/0
The isogenic cells that we have developed recapitulate the oncogenic activation of KRAS occurring in cancer and represent new models for studying Kras-mediated transformation. (PMID: 17875685) 0/0
Our findings indicate that the wild-type KRAS allele is occasionally lost in human lung cancer, and that the oncogenic activation of mutant KRAS is more frequently associated with an overexpression of the mutant allele than with a loss of the wild-type allele in human NSCLC development. (PMID: 14601056) 0/0
This finding is in line with the hypothesis that oncogenic activation of KRAS is an early event and a bona fide "driver mutation" in NSCLC. (PMID: 23022742) 0/0