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Subject cui: C0012854 Name: DNA Sem. type: bacs Novel: true


Object cui: C1332120|545 Name: ATR|ATR gene Sem. type: gngm|gngm Novel: true

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In addition, we describe several key assays for studying checkpoint activation as well as methods for using small DNA structures to activate ATR . (PMID: 17189864) 0/0
Overall 231 sites of phosphorylation were induced by UV damage of DNA or dependent on proper function of ATR . (PMID: 18635954) 0/0
This is the first well-defined DNA structure capable of eliciting ATR activation . (PMID: 17700074) 0/0
With this system we have shown that damaged DNA can be a direct signal for ATR activation , and that TopBP1 specifically stimulates ATR in the presence of damaged DNA under physiological ionic strength conditions. (PMID: 19245835) 0/0
Progressive resection of DSBs directly promotes the ATM-to-ATR switch in vitro. (PMID: 19285939) 0/0
Here, we analyze the roles of the three components in ATR activation: DNA, base damage and TopBP1. (PMID: 19139065) 0/0
We find that TopBP1 binds to circular and linear DNAs with comparable affinities and that these DNA forms elicit the same level of TopBP1-dependent ATR activation . (PMID: 19139065) 0/0