Getting started

Here’s how to get rolling:

  1. Question answering and discovery using semantic relations

    The semantic realations are extracted from Medline. Additionally, you can use microarray results for more specific searching.

  2. Closed discovery using semantic relations

    You can search for intermediate concepts that link two sets of semantic relations. Here you can also use microarray results for search refirement.

  3. Closed discovery example ("Lithium","Brugada Syndrome")

    To illustrate closed discovery approach to finding drug adverse effects exaplanation.

  4. Discovery patterns

    Discovery patterns are search combinations that have a higher likehood of returning a new discovery. There are specific discovery patterns for specific discovery tasks. Here you have some examples:

    • Inhibit the upregulated

      Search for substances, genes, ... that inhibit the top 300 genes that are upregulated on the Parkinson microarray

    • Stimulate the downregulated

      Search for substances etc that stimulate the genes that are downregulated on the Parkinson microarray